February 1, 2017 districtrunningcollective@gmail.com

13.1 Ways to Run the Miami Half Marathon in the Rain and Wind and Not Catch Pneumonia

By Emma McNamara​​​​​​​

1. You’ll wake up at 4:15 a.m., warm up at 5:15 a.m., huddle with Artis and Perrinne until 5:55 a.m., hop a wall with Jenny and Xio at 6:05 a.m., but won’t actually start running until 6:45 a.m.

2. As soon as your corral’s gun goes off, it’ll start raining and you’ll worry that your armband won’t protect your 2011 iPhone 4s well enough.

3. Even though rain will be dripping down your face, you’ll smile because you never know when the sneaky photographers will make you #MiamiFamous.

4. The rain will subside and turn into mist. In the Florida humidity, you’ll think it feels like pure silk.

5. You’ll step in two big puddles and soak your feet. This will not feel like pure silk.

6. When you get to the hidden 10K flag, you’ll be glad that you didn’t cut across the Washington Avenue median, thus disqualifying yourself.

7. You’ll be prepared for Miles 7-9 to feel the longest and most tedious, but you’ll have a breakthrough and enjoy the race, not regret it.

8. You’ll tell yourself that you’ll walk a bit at Mile 8, then miss seeing the flag marker, and decide you didn’t come all the way here to walk during the last four miles.

9. You’ll tiptoe over the slick metal grates on the Venetian Causeway. The last thing you want is to fall and start a domino effect of everyone spraining their ankles.

10. Your legs will begin to hurt and feel like lead. After all, this is the furthest you’ve ever run, but you know that if you slow down or walk, your momentum will be shot, and you only have a 5K left!

11. You’ll know Cheer Squad is at Mile 11, so you’ll look for them and will be SOSO grateful for familiar faces. You’ll also realize that you’re glad to be running because you wouldn’t want to be waiting around in the rain for three hours.

12. When you see the 20K flag, you’ll think you have like 500m left, BUT YOU WON’T, and it will really mess up your entire life.

13. Courtney will run up behind you, pat you on the back, and you’ll both finish your first half marathon together, because first and foremost, this is what DRC is about.

.1. You’ll party in a penthouse suite in South Beach until 1:15 in the morning. Yes, you’ll have been awake for 21 hours at that point, but you’ll already start getting giddy for the next race, because those miles are NEVER not coming.

About Emma:

I started running with DRC after learning about them at a #FullMoon5K. Two months ago, I told my friend that I’d never be caught dead running longer than a 10K, yet here I am, having finished my first half marathon by running the whole way. This was a great way to celebrate my first anniversary with the squad.

I #RUNDRC because of the fellowship and group morale. In a city where we are known to constantly be “onto the next one,” DRC forces us to take a breath, reset, and #RunWithFight.