A Saturday Morning Run (11.7.2015)

It was a raining saturday morning on November 7, 2015. District Running Collective and Rock Creek Social Club teamed up to create “A Saturday Morning Run”. The event was a success. The raining and cold weather didn’t stop us from accomplishing our goal. This was our first event of a series of future events to happen between the two parties.

Rock Creek Social club has been hosting and producing an array of well thought out events to bring together the unique DC millennial demographic. They have done an amazing job of making DC relevant in the entertainment arena by providing millennials with cool and unique experiences with artists and businesses from across the nation. Providing vibe that makes DC relevant with other major markets like NYC, LA, Chicago, and more.

This collaboration came about as a way for them to support the people that have supported them. DRC has always supported Rock Creek in many ways, but this was an opportunity for us to collaborate with an bigger purpose in mind. Connecting the two brands through music and fitness. Using the methods that make us who are are connect them to our communities (our families).

Not only was this just A saturday morning run through Rock Creek Park. It was the beginning of a unique relationship. Stay tuned for more events in the near future!

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