NBC4 Backpacks 4 Kids 4K

When I think of the last day of summer vacation, I picture a hazy sunset on the beach.  This past Sunday almost echoed this sentiment, except sub a beach for the Anacostia River, and a culminating sunset with a dissipating storm and its ensuing humidity.

Last week, District Running Collective announced that it was co-hosting a fundraiser with NBC4: Backpacks 4 Kids 4K.  The Collective would be collecting backpacks to give to local students so they would be prepared to start school the next morning.  NBC4 even created a Snapchat filter for the occasion.

On Sunday, after almost 45 straight 90°+ days and a massive drought, we finally got some rain.  According to Twitter, the 4K run and collection would be happening regardless of weather.  When I got to Yards Park, there was rain and lightning, so the run was held off an hour.  Luckily for us, NBC4 can speed dial the studio and get accurate weather information: the storm would be past us by 5pm.  And it was!!  The 30 of us set off on our 2.6 mile run.

I’ve never been one to think DC’s summer weather is tedious; in fact, I rather like DC in the summer.  However, I will be the first to say that about a quarter mile into our run, I couldn’t tell if I was sweating or there was that much humidity hanging in the air.  And we all know that it’s every girl’s dream to be featured on the nightly news as a sweaty/ humid mess with frizzy hair.  (I did choose to wear all black since it’s slimming.)

Our run looped us around the immediate area which included both SE and SW, and because this is DC, we passed some great landmarks: the Department of Transportation, Nationals Park, the Anacostia River, the DC Sewage Authority, and new condo buildings that nobody can afford.  Matt gave us great heads up, and semi-choreography, to navigate the cameras filming us, so our grace that was shown on TV was all because of him.

After the run, Agua301 gave us Happy Hour specials + 15% off as a thanks for our backpack donations and willingness to run.  The bartender poured tequila aplenty into our margaritas, and tacos were flowing.  If that isn’t a good omen to begin a new school year, I don’t know what is.



I started running with DRC after learning about them at a #FullMoon5K.  I needed to make new friends, and I thought joining a running crew would be a great way.  I was delighted when one of the veteran members told me I’m “family” a couple weeks ago.

iRun with DRC because of the fellowship and group morale.  In a city where we are known to constantly be “onto the next one”, DRC forces us to take a breath, reset, and #RunWithFight.

– Emma K. McNamara


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