DRC #MembersOnly Take on Under Armour Global Headquarters

Nestled in between the Domino Sugar factory and the Baltimore inner harbor is a fitness nirvana. As a baby athlete, I’ve always dreamed of such a place but never thought it actually existed; and then it happened. DRC members were invited to the Under Armor Global Headquarters in downtown Baltimore. (Yea, I’m a tad dramatic. *shrugs*)

I was greeted by an amazing view of the Baltimore inner harbor and an awesome group of UA representatives. There was shoe testing, shoe fitting, cliff bars, and alkaline water by Goûter. What more could a runner ask for?!

To start, UA Running Coach S. (Sandra Gallagher-Mohler) started us off with stretching. But more than just the physical act, she actually explained and instructed us in its importance and of the proper techniques we should be employing. What helped me to really buy into what she was saying (I admit I’m not much of a stretcher), was knowing that by not stretching I was literally shrinking. I realized that this was affecting not only my muscles, but my ability, power, efficiency, and potential as a runner.

For the run, we did a 5K around the inner harbor. As a runner who lives for amazing views, I was not disappointed. Quickly into the run, I could feel the difference that stretching made. I felt lighter, my start was smoother, and my body was loose. It was awesome and definitely one of the best runs I’ve had. We finished the run with a cool down stretch and Goûter alkaline water.

Special thanks to Under Amour and the DRC captains for setting this up! It was a great experience and I can’t wait for the next one!

-Courtney Littlejohn 


About Courtney 
I’ve been running with DRC since February 2016 (about two years later than I should have). I felt like I wasn’t a strong enough runner to run in a running group (Yea, I was completely wrong on that one), not knowing that I’d become a much better runner in the six months I’ve been running with them than the three years I ran alone! Not only have I met some absolutely awesome & amazing people, but DRC has helped to make D.C. feel like home and that’s because they’ve become my family.

I #runDRC because I believe you have to “be the change you wish to see”, and I feel DRC embodies just that. Plus, who wouldn’t want to constantly surround themselves with people who make them better?!


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