New Year, New You!

So, we’re about a month into the new year, and you know what that means? Those new year’s resolutions are starting to slip. You may have already had one too may cupcakes. You may be struggling to keep up with a workout schedule. But you know what? That’s ok, and here is why: We’re all gonna fall off the horse sometimes, but we all have the ability to get back up and try again.

Making new habits and sticking with them are challenges that all of us face. Here are some tips to help you get through those rough patches.

Set the goal. We know you’ve heard it. Goals must be smart, measurable, blah, blah, blah. However, goals can be different sizes too…even bite-size. 🙂 If you’re trying to achieve a really big goal, it can be helpful to set daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals. For goals surrounding running, here’s what they might look like:

Daily: Drink a gallon of water every day (Hydration is key, y’all!).

Weekly: Run at least 12 miles at an 8:00/per mile pace.

Monthly: Complete a book related to running or healthy eating.

For the year: Run a marathon.

Once you come up with your goals, write them down. Post sticky notes on a mirror, write them down in a journal, whatever. This will help with the next tip, which is…

Tell someone. We’re not saying you can’t accomplish goals on your own, but it helps if there is someone (or more) to keep you accountable. Ask someone in DRC to check in with you. Make sure that whoever you ask as an accountability partner is as serious about your goals as you are.The captains are all joining in on this exercise as well, so if you’re not sure who to ask, ask one of them! But…even with a good team of people to help keep you on track, remember that YOU have to…

Make it happen. Goals are meant to be executed. You can have all the paper in the world to write them down and a team of people in your corner to cheer you on, but you have to do it. What’s your “why”? Answer that question honestly, and that will help you stay committed.

Whether you’re planning on coming out to one of DRC’s Wednesday runs, aiming towards a PR for a 5K or trying to run an ultramarathon, visualize your success and smash your goals. We’ll be cheering for you at the finish line!

How can DRC help support you with your running goals this year? 


Over the weekend, DRC joined Harlem Run founder, Alison DĂ©sir, and three other women at the end of their 240-mile run from NY to D.C. In an effort to take action and support women’s rights, Alison worked with others to organize the run and raise money to donate to Planned Parenthood (over $100,000 and counting!). This dope run started late last Wednesday and ended early Saturday morning. Once they arrived at the designated exchange point in D.C., DRC joined these women to help them finish their last few miles before the run ended at The Capitol. Later on that morning, the four headed to the Women’s March on Washington to show their support for justice and equal rights. DRC is so proud to be able to support these amazing women and their accomplishments!

Check out one of Alison’s interviews here!


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