February 9, 2017 districtrunningcollective@gmail.com

A Message to the DRC Community


District Running Collective (DRC) is a running community built on the principle of inclusion. We have always been a crew that embraces athletes of all levels – from all communities and walks of life – it’s in our DNA and the reason we are who we are today.

As part of our journey, we have partnered with individuals, organizations and businesses to bring running, our way, to The District and beyond. We understand that every partnership must be carefully curated to ensure we maintain the integrity of our mission and our collective success.

We are deeply concerned about the comments recently made by Under Armour’s CEO because they are aligned with a perspective that challenges who we are and the values that we believe in. In light of recent news, public statements and concerns expressed by members of our community, we have been in close discussions with the Under Armour team and have determined that the best way to move forward at this time, is together. 

Each relationship we forge is a platform for our continued growth and a catalyst for the change we wish to see in our community. As a partner, we owe it to each other to have open dialogue, and we see our partnership with Under Armour no differently. In the days, weeks and months ahead, we will be diligent in engaging in conversation, resisting hurtful and hateful ideologies and standing up for the values that are important to us, and we believe are also important to Under Armour.

Above all else, we stand firmly committed to protecting the diversity and inclusivity of DRC – always putting our community of runners first.
We Run DC, We Are DRC