A Saturday Morning Run 4.16. 2016


It’s 11a.m. on a Saturday and it seemed to be the first hot, sunny day in weeks. Runners gathered at Smith Public Trust in Northeast DC for “A Saturday Morning Run” with District Running Collective and Rock Creek Social.

The weather was perfect. The energy was lit and the turnout was even better. We were all ready to hit the pavement for a very-special 5K in NE DC.
However, this run was a bit different for me.

You see, normally I am regular participant in DRC Wednesday (Colony Club) and Saturday (various lcoations) runs. However, this time, I wore a different hat as an “honorary captain.” That’s right, another runner and I became part of the coveted “DRC All-stars” as captains.

What was my job, you ask? I mean, what every run captain does: guide runners during the route and provide encouragement.

It felt good. OK, I won’t lie. It felt GREAT!


Once the Beats by Dre pill began to blast Future, we knew it was time for the run to start.
Running in this area was complete unfamiliar territory – but that’s a good thing. That’s one thing I love about running with DRC, you truly learn the ins and outs of DC geography and discover the city’s hidden gems.

Members of the community waved, smiled and murmured words of encouragement as they saw so many diverse, young Millennials running through their neighborhood.

It’s empowering. It’s like we’re making a statement when we all run together. I would beg to say that we’re a “running militia.” We have a “no person left behind” motto during the run, so everyone felt encouraged throughout the entire run. Once folks crossed the “finish line” they were congratulated with screams of “Great job!” and high fives.


After we were all able to catch our breaths, we were greeted with Muscle Milk, Gatorade, snacks and brunch. This is where the real fun happened. Conversing with so many new faces and being able to network with like-minded people who not only share a passion for running, but for community building. To me, that’s what “A Saturday Morning Run” was about. The folks at Rock Creek Social are looking to build a community within their organization, the same was DRC does. The collaboration makes sense.
I am already anticipating the next one. I got my running shoes set to go.


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About Nye:
Nye Davidson started running with DRC in September of 2014.

iRun DRC as a way to increase my fitness, stay healthy and active. I’ve always struggled with my weight and after losing 85 pounds some years ago, DRC has been a way to challenge myself and push my fitness to new heights. I’ve never been a runner and always love challenges – DRC gives me that. Along the way DRC has allowed me to develop and cultivate lifelong friends and be a part of a new found family.

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