March 11, 2016

DRC Ladies Celebrate International Women’s Day




“How can you support the woman standing right next to you?”

This was a question that was asked by our very own captain, Ashlee, at our recent DRC Formation Run. The event was a great way to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD). The idea of global runs to celebrate IWD was actually started VoltWomen (Make sure to check out their Tumblr page!). Its purpose is to help women reach their physical goals through running and to overcome the mental obstacles that may come with that. Because DRC is all for positivity, it made sense to partner up and show support (because who doesn’t want to be a part of something that dope? Duh!).


As a fitness enthusiast and avid supporter of DRC, I had to be a part of this special event. I was even calling some of my friends out on Instagram to make sure that they would come (It’s all about accountability folks!). I’m glad to say that most of them came out and they had a blast!

What’s more fitting than to host this type of event at a woman-owned business? JRINK Juicery was so awesome for allowing the use their space before and after the run. There was even a little table that was set up with DRC stuff and gift bags that were sponsored by Chelsea Collective for each lady runner that participated. I’m looking forward to heading out to their store in Tyson’s corner to check them out!

Before we started, we went over some announcements and got to take some cool photos (what’s a DRC run without some official head shots, snaps, and pics for the ‘gram?). Soon after, we headed to the White House to start those miles. Ready…Set…Run! In usual DRC fashion (or formation), we had the music blastin’. This time, however, we rocked out to girls’ anthems sung by none other than Beyoncé and Cyndi Lauper, and Nicki Minaj just to name a few (Shoutout to our other lady captain, Jasmine for the tunes!) Speaking of captains, I was really glad to see that some of the guys volunteered to help pace us. They really helped us to keep going!

During the run, I saw smiles, support, and enthusiasm. What I didn’t see? Women tearing each other down. DRC is a family and we’re all about community and uplifting the person next to us. We finished those miles strong and that’s what matters most.

Once we got back to JRINK, we closed the night out with JRINKmosas and cupcakes (Everything in moderation!). After I mingled and purchased some juice, I left with the satisfaction of being part of something great. I’m looking forward to the next DRC event geared towards us ladies!

Just like with running, it takes perseverance and mental strength to move through the world as a woman. Don’t be afraid to sweat out those edges or ruin your makeup. Roll up your sleeves and woman up. Life is waiting for you to conquer it!

So again…What can you do to support the woman standing next to you? Make sure she gets to the finish line. Be her cheerleader when she’s trying to smash her goals. Be open and smile. This goes beyond running and International Women’s Day. It’s how we should strive to live as women. Running is only one way. 🙂

Who run the world? Girls! Why? ‘Cause we slay!

See more photos here

By Latosha Thomas
Running the District since: 2015

I #RUNDRC because of the accountability, commitment, and enthusiasm of the group. If I miss a week (which is rare), I feel like I’ve missed out on something big.
My first DRC event was the Broccoli City 5K in 2015. A friend of mine encouraged me to sign up. After talking to some of the captains (Carlos and Jason), I decided to come to the weekly runs.
I’ve been running with DRC since April 2015 and have enjoyed every bit of it. In addition to the Broccoli City 5K and other DRC events, I ran my first half marathon in Miami this past January! In 2016, I plan to run the Brooklyn Half and Navy/Air Force Half. I’d also like to improve my running form and speed this year.
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