November 15, 2016

DRC + NBC4: Food 4 Families

By Latosha Thomas

As we come to the end of the year, and our holiday schedules start to fill up, it can be easy to forget those in need. Making time for things, especially during this season, can be quite the daunting task. But…you already know how we do! We are all about community, so we will find a way to connect with those around us. drc-nbc4-food-4-families-3

For the second time this year, DRC had a chance to partner with NBC4 to promote their Food 4 Families initiative this past Sunday. Participants were able to donate non-perishable food items and join in a quick 4K run near Nationals Park.

Before the start of our run, NBC4’s Donna Weston spoke to us about the purpose of the initiative and the goal for this year. The news station partners and collaborates with different organizations and individuals to raise money and collect food donations to assist families in need during the Thanksgiving holiday.


We also got to hear from Matthew Talley about his “For Chrys” shoelaces. November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, and Matt talked to us about losing his mother to the disease on Mother’s Day 2015. To show our solidarity, we laced up! drc-nbc4-food-4-families-1

Like every other DRC run, support from our captains and fellow runners, good music, and dope vibes helped us push through and finish strong. It’s always a good thing when DRC can run for an even greater cause. As we enter into this holiday season, think about what you’re grateful for. Life may not be perfect, but always remember that you could be in a far worse position.


The fact that many of us can run is a blessing in and of itself. There are so many out there that may want to, but can’t. When you’re training or preparing for a race, remember that. Run for those who can’t. Run for a good cause. Use your platform and what you have to help others in need.

We run DC…We are DRC!

About Latosha

I #RUNDRC because of the accountability, commitment, and enthusiasm of the group. If I miss a week, which is rare, I feel like I’ve missed out on something big. My first DRC event was the Broccoli City 5K in 2015. A friend of mine encouraged me to sign up. After talking to some of the captains (Carlos and Jason), I decided to come to the weekly runs. To date, I’ve completed four half marathons and plan to run many, many more. A full? Eventually!