We are thrilled start our second installment of DRCTRN to take your running to the next level by introducing you to strength training for runners! Strength training helps to improve structural weaknesses in your body, whether in muscles, joints, or connective tissues. The DRCTRN program utilize various forms of training which include Run Workouts, Strength Training, Cross-Training, The Long Run, and Recovery. 



We a big group of runners preparing for the Miami Marathon in January. We didn’t want to just offer long runs in preparation for the race. We wanted to take the training we offer a bit further. While preparing for a race runners should do more than JUST run. There are more elements you should have in your training regiment other than short runs and long runs. You should also implement strength training, cross training, stretching, and technical run sessions. Easy right?? It’s easier siad than done.

We have built relationships with many fitness institutions over the last few years. Now we are going to work with them in providing a training program which will include all of these elements within an 8 week time frame.

Each week will offer a daily regimen that implements these training methods. You can either signup to train with us or do the training on your own.

This is an all inclusive program we are offering. The price for each session we offer will cover everything. We are going to offer a price for the whole training as well as a few spots that will open weekly on a first come first serve basis. The long run will be the only session free and open to the public.


  • DRCTRN was an opportunity to strengthen our engines through high intensity, explosive workout sessions targeted at making us better runners. Under the guidance of the best certified Crossfit coaches in the DC area, we pushed the limits of our physical abilities while discovering the mental reserve necessary to come back for more. It was a riveting experience; one that made us better athletes and even better people as we found camaraderie in our collective struggle to improve. –Devon

    Devon Rollins


Program Value:

Each week has 3 to 4 parts that are valued at $20-30 per session. Through our network we have worked with each facilitator to offer a special price for us. By doing the full program with us you save an average of %50 percent off of what it would cost to go to this establishments for a one time fee.

The program is set at $225 for the 7 weeks but is valued at $525+.


Our Partners

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