The weekend of January 24th will most likely be remembered to most people on the east coast as the Blizzard of 2016. But for some of us we have a completely different story to tell. That’s because a nice size group of of DRC and BRKTHRU runners dodged the storm and flew down to Miami for the Miami Marathon and Half. And when I say we dodged the storm I mean we literally just made it out of our respective cities. Not everyone was lucky enough to make it and actually got caught in the storm. (Sorry y’all *thug tear)

It was an amazing weekend. This was the 2nd year DRC attended this race as a group in conjunction with BRKTHRU. The energy was amazing and the fellowship was even better. We were in South beach getting ready for another race while our friends back home were snowed in with almost 3ft of snow. I think the common phrase was “atleast we aren’t stuck in the snow”.

We started the weekend festivities with a HH at the host hotel Marseille bar. This was our warmup. Seeing old and new faces who were just happy to be in Miami. That night extended into the morning hours per usual with countless amounts of Bulliett flavored water and lime filled Kettle One tonics with electrolytes. It was a great night to start the weekend.

Saturday was Expo day. The race expo was moved to Wynwood which was a great change IMO. The graffiti lined walls of the neighborhood was a great touch to the race experience. Saturday was all about mentally preparing for Sunday. With dozens of half marathoners and a handful of full marathoners we had a great pre-race dinner at the hotel. There were conversations of PBs, advice for what to do when you meet the wall, and a lot of smiling faces just taking in the whole experience. I mean…we could have been stuck in 3ft of snow. But we weren’t…we were in Miami with one another.

Sunday! This was race day. Not only was the race the earliest start time ever at 6:30am, but it was the coldest one for Miami as well. Below 40 degrees with an ocean breeze is not what you expect when running in sunny miami. The energy at the start line definitely help with the cold weather. As we gathered in on steps of American Airlines arena where the Heat play you couldn’t help, but feel energized with all of the runners from all over the world.
After the group photo, prayer, and a few motivational words we headed to our corrals. It was race time!

13.1 miles later walking with through the gated area to receive our well deserved spinning medal and free beer…it was over. Well for some of us. There were a few left who championed the full marathon. So we waited and drank our ice cold Michelob ultras in a grassy area. As each person came in the a open grassy area they received cheers, hugs, and love. Then they all collapsed on the grass and let out a deep sigh knowing they were done.