September 5, 2017

Mommy + Miles

By Traci Branch

Returning back to DRC post Baby Bean was quite the experience. Pushing a stroller is surprisingly a lot harder than running while pregnant, both physically and mentally.

My pre-run checklist before our little Bean entered the world: Eat, pee, don’t go into labor, don’t fall, finish…so I can pee again.

My pre-run list now: Diaper change, DRC onesie, nurse and burp, snack, figure out how to work the stroller, watch out for dips and bumps, find the ramp, forget to pee.

In all seriousness, running with Bean has been a test of my coordination.  I’m still working on avoiding all the bumps and potholes of running through D.C. I’m learning to steer with one hand and use my free arm to propel us forward.  My favorite part of the run is going downhill.  Bean’s favorite part seems to be the cool breeze as he falls asleep.  Is it difficult?  Of course. But I am so encouraged by being back with the crew.  The support and love we’ve been shown is nothing short of amazing.  While he’s too young to understand now, I’m hopeful years from now Bean will know that he is a part of something great–DRC.

The purpose that fuels my running is the same.  I want and need to be healthy for myself and my family. I want Bean to know the importance of pushing past the reasons to opt out because there will always be an excuse not to run (or work toward a goal). But that’s when you lace up and GET THESE MILES! Most importantly, I want Bean to know what a solid village looks and feels like.

Shout out to all the moms and dads of DRC (#strollergang)! Thank you DRC and Bean for strengthening my purpose. Follow our journey together at