August 7, 2017

The Other R-Word

Although it’s a beautiful thing, life moves fast. It can be hectic, and busy, and complicated. Add adulting into the mix and you’ve convinced yourself that you need a special assistant just to help you stay on top of it all. Add another layer on top–running. So, you’re telling me I have to pay bills, keep Sallie Mae happy, deep condition my hair on a semi-regular basis, make it to all these social events, AND make sure I’m getting exercise? This is the life we chose, folks!

It’s always exciting to see fellow runners smash their goals, come down on their times, or complete another race. The desire to go up another level in our running careers is almost addictive; but with that high can also come the need to take a break from it all. Yep, rest. Our bodies physically, mentally, and emotionally need it. Sometimes there’s the temptation or the peer pressure to keep running without proper recovery and relaxation.

“I have to keep up.”

“I can’t lose the mileage.”

“The marathon is around the corner.”

“I’ll lose my speed.”

“What will others think?”

So, we keep going. Out of guilt, out of pressure, out of competition, out of not wanting to look weak.
But you know what? It’s actually ok to take a break from it all once in a while. It could be a day. It could be a couple weeks. It won’t last forever.

We all know that running, especially long distances, is more mental. Sometimes your mind just needs a break, and that’s ok. No one is saying to rest every single time it gets tough. Sometimes you need to push through because that helps you get faster and stronger. But if you’re experiencing a difficult time emotionally, haven’t gotten enough sleep the last few days, or you’re injured, it’s ok to relax for a bit. Promise. You’ll get back on track.

The miles are never not coming. They’ll be right there waiting where you left them. You’ve got this!