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Barre None: Tiny Moves, Big Gains


Participants should wear light breathable, yoga-esque workout clothes. Bring socks or prepare to go barefoot for this class!

About this Event

It’s not everyday that runners discover “muscles they didn't know existed”, but when they trade running shoes for the ballet barre, things can get interesting. Barre None with Whitley Miller is a unique full body experience that combines elements of yoga, pilates, ballet technique and weight training to create a low impact, high intensity workout. The class will focus on isometric movements, foot strength and much more to aid runners’ ability to improve core stability, endurance, flexibility and build small and large muscle strength. If you’re looking shake things up in your training and finally get the keys to that lean physique you’ve been waiting for, say less. Be in the building for this one!

About Instructor | Whitley Miller

Whitley is a nationally certified Barre Instructor. She trained for 16 years in her hometown of Jackson, TN as a ballet dancer. Whitley has excelled at honoring the original barre style fitness workout while also adding her own signature twist to help clients have fun while getting results. She is able to fuse her love and knowledge of ballet technique with pilates, yoga and weight training to provide the perfect barre fitness workout. Whitley also believes in the power of mediation either separately or incorporated within each workout she teaches. This helps to reduce cortisol levels, deeply relax her clients and allow them to leave feeling empowered. Whitley is known for her energy and enthusiasm and is passionate about meeting her clients where they are and leading them on a journey to a healthy and happy life from the inside out.


Certified Practitioner of Pilates Method Alliance

Certified Practitioner of American Council on Exercise

Certified Practitioner of National Academy of Sports Medicine 

AFAA Group Fitness Certified

SCW Certified