Member Spotlight: Dietrich Haubenberger

Dietrich, a neurologist, worked at the NIH in Bethesda until Jan 2019. His new job is in San Diego, where he is the Medical Director at a biopharmaceutical company - helping to develop treatments for neurological diseases affecting movement, such as Parkinson’s disease.

How did you start running?
In the early 2000s, living in Vienna (Austria!) at that time, just getting started on a long distance relationship-situation with my girl (now wife ;-), I started a habit running the ~5k loop around Vienna’s historic city center 1-2 times per week. Not to get any stupid ideas while Simona was doing her training in NYC and me back in Vienna for what turned out to be 3 years. That all grinded to a halt when the kids arrived, so I got back into it about 2 years ago when I could not resist the itch any longer.

How did you hear about DRC?
Out in LA for a conference last year in April, I ran a local 10k, chatted up some Koreatown Run Club folks after the race, eventually joined them for one of their legendary Thu night Beer Belly runs in Koreatown (5 miles and looots of craft beer afterwards ....), and loudly complained that I was missing that type if social running in DC. Immediately, I got slapped on my head by the KRC folks that I am making a fool out of myself as I had DRC right in front if my doorstep, and I needed to come to LA to learn about them. 2 weeks later, I came out for my first Wed run in Northeast ... the rest is history ;-)

What are your running goals? (You could have already achieved it and/or be thinking of another)
To stay happy and healthy while running, connect to likeminded people and everybody else sharing the same passion, and spreading the word & love about how running can make people and communities happy and healthy. Also (but less important), running a marathon in under 4 hours.

A Random fun fact about you
In my spare time, I sing in symphonic choruses, where folks can find me on the Kennedy Center stage every now and then, and also spot me on some Grammy nominated classical music recordings.

Why do you #RUNDRC?
DRC is more than just running. It is a common denominator for people who care about themselves, their peers, their community and culture. This unites us, and makes us a family. DRC is family.

Your favorite running quote
Let’s get it! (c/o Tazer Tay)