Who We Are

We exist where fitness, fun, and community collide. We support one another up every hill, across every bridge, and through each painstaking mile. As a crew, we represent the best of each individual that dedicates themselves to getting better, faster, and stronger every day.

We proudly represent one of the greatest cities in the world on every last run. With three stars and two bars as our guide: WE. RUN. THE. DISTRICT.

Why We’re Here

We believe we can change the way people view running, while simultaneously having a positive impact on the city we call home.  Open to all levels of runners, we have built a community of people around a common goal: pushing past perceived limits and becoming better every day through running and supporting one another.

How We Succeed

Our success is directly grounded in the successes of our runners. Through events, weekly runs, races, community service, partnership engagement and our membership program we create space for runners of all levels to get to know one another, share challenges & triumphs and redefine their impossible, every day.